Our Products

We are continually researching to adopt new technologies in the lighting industry, and our comprehensive range fulfils the needs of entire spectrum of lighting projects. Products include lighting optimized for:

  • indoor and outdoor architectural purposes
  • commercial, residential and emergency applications
  • large scale hospitals, malls and governmental requirements
  • illumination of landscaping, fa├žades and other decorative features
  • industrial illumination - including explosion proof lighting
  • security, street and car park illumination
  • sports lighting, flood and area lighting including horse racing and came racing
  • Energy efficient lighting for buildings seeking Green / LEED certification
  • projects which require cold cathode, LED and fibre optic lighting
  • custom design of lighting fixtures for specific project requirements

In addition we also market and sell lighting poles and high masts suitable for all applications.

We provide a large selection of innovative lighting products from a comprehensive portfolio of renowned European and American brands, and offer options to suit every budget, taste and requirement. Our products utilize new technologies that exceed legislative requirements, provide maximum energy efficiency and maintain standards of lighting excellence in all aspects of interior and exterior architectural, commercial and domestic lighting. Our lighting products are technically and proficiently designed to resist extreme temperatures and other climatic conditions.

Our broad array of products has resulted in an enviable clientele that include prestigious architects, international hotel chains, leading interior design companies and innovative real estate developers.

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