Sustainable Lighting Solutions.

Candela’s distinctive lighting solutions illuminate residential, commercial and industrial spaces across the Middle East and subcontinent. We believe there is more to lighting than just illumination. Our meticulous lighting design solutions and sophisticated products enable us to create tailored ambiances for projects of any size or type; from themed shopping malls to intricate art galleries. Our success lies in our expertise and competency in the lighting industry.

As a leading architectural and commercial lighting solutions provider we represent many of the industry's most innovative lighting manufacturers and feature a comprehensive portfolio of European and American brands to suit various budgets and styles. Furthermore, our in-house lighting designers have the specialist product knowledge necessary to ensure that each project addresses every client’s exact needs, promising the optimum fusion of aesthetics and practical considerations. Our wide array of high end products entirely covers the requirements of international markets. Candela is confidently growing to meet the upcoming demands and changes in the industry.

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